Proform Vue PFB14820-INT

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Bring the full training experience to your home with the Proform Vue. Combine cardio and strength with streamed strength training, HIIT training, Pilates, yoga, stretching, recovery, and so much more.


Product Detail

Proform Vue PFB14820-INT

With the Proform Vue get motivation and education as you experience reflective training, following professional trainers while focusing on your form.

August iFit Offer
Includes an iFIT Family membership for a full 30 days of streaming live and on-demand fitness but register during the month of August and you membership will be extended to 12 months on this product.

Training You Can See Yourself Doing
Watch your iFIT trainer on our largest viewing experience yet. A vertical 22” high-definition touchscreen is perfectly embedded into the Vue and becomes seemingly invisible when turned off, leaving a beautifully clean reflective surface.

On-Demand Training at Your Fingertips
Swipe through to the training that fits you and select it with the press of a button. The Vue lets you stream an unlimited library of on-demand iFIT workouts so you can attend fitness classes inside your home anytime you want.

Tone Your Body
Unlike other competitors on the market, the Vue comes with a set of weight accessories for strength and toning workouts. When you’re ready to take your training up a notch, the included bar, dumbbells, and set of weight plates give you the extra boost you need to tone your body.

We Have Something to Hide
Each accessory has an allocated storage space behind the Vue that’s hidden and out of plain sight. The Vue’s reflective surface pivots to give you more room to get your equipment. With a soft push, it rotates to the left or to the right providing wider access to the back.

Amazing Sound Quality Built-In
We understand that it’s not always possible to drown out the world when you train. The Vue has two 3” speakers built into the front so you can listen to your trainer and any responsibilities around you.

Keep Your Workout to Yourself
Your trainer is talking to you, not everyone else in the house. If you don’t want to disturb anyone else around, it easily pairs with Bluetooth® compatible headphones (headphones not included).

Every Vue workout makes you just a little better. And the best part is that it puts you right in the front row to watch your own transformation. The Vue’s sleek design makes for the perfect addition to any home gym.

  • Home Gym Trainer
  • Proform Vue
  • Digital Fitness
  • iFit® Enabled
  • 21.5” Full Color Touchscreen Display
  • Pivoting Mirror and Integrated Tablet
  • Home Personal Training and Form
  • 61 X 152 cm of Reflective Display
  • ActivePulse™ Technology- Arm Band
    Sold Separately
  • Minimal Assembly – Baseplate and Door
  • iPod Compatible Dual 3” Speakers
  • BLE Headphone Compatible
  • Hooks for accessories- bar and weights
  • Comes With Accessory Kit PFQCB20A:
  • 10 lb/ 4,5 kg bar
  • Four plates of 2.5lb/ 1,1 kg plates
  • Two Dumbbel bars of 5lb/ 2,3 kg

Review From Rolling
Looking for a fitness mirror that includes gear and makes you feel like you’re in a workout class? Similar to NordicTrack’s fitness mirror, the Vue fitness mirror from ProForm, which has a 22-inch touchscreen, comes with a basic set of equipment so you don’t have to supply your own to do one of its guided workouts, led by iFit trainers.
The ProForm Vue’s designed with a couple speakers (and can work with your favorite workout earbuds), and has a 4.5KG barbell with multiple weight plates to use with it, whether you want to do squats, curls or deadlifts. There are also a couple of five-pound dumbbells you can store on the opposite side of the mirror. We like how ProForm built it so you can adjust the Vue’s angle. In other words, you don’t have to

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