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Weider Pro 5500 Multi Gym WEEVSY2996

Weider Pro 5500 Multi Gym WEEVSY2996

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The Weider PRO 5500 multi gym is an eye-catching piece of equipment designed for home use that has been created to guarantee safe and comfortable workouts. With a leg developer, a butterfly station, an arm press and high and low pulley stations this great piece of kit is sure to give you great results. It features a solid tubular steel frame for extra durability, as well as a fully padded vinyl-covered seat and foam rollers ensuring maximum comfort. In addition, the precision bearing pulley provides a smooth movement of the weights. The multi gym offers an 85kg (187.4lbs) single stack of weights in a protective shroud.

Weider Pro 5500 Multi Gym Features

  • Precision Bearing Pulley; Butterfly Station; Leg Developer; High Pulley with Multi Grip Lat Bar;
  • Low Pulley: Max Weight High Pulley: 102kg (224.8lbs); Max Weight Butterfly: 40kg (88.2lbs);
  • Max. Weight Arm Press: 120kg (264.5lbs); Max. Weight Low Pulley: 110kg (242.5lbs);
  • Size Assembled: Length=200cm (78.7"), Width=110cm (43.3"), Height=210cm (82.7"); Weight: 150kg/330lb
  • Max User Weight: 135kg (297.6lbs); Weight Stack: 85kg (187.4lbs); Adjustable Seat and Preacher Pad;

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Technical Data

Key features

Precision Bearing Pulley - Improvement of the pulley fluidity
Butterfly station - Comfortable padded horizontal butterfly arms
Leg Developer - Padded, 4-foam station isolates quads and hamstrings for leg extensions and curls. Arm Press - To workout chest and arm muscles
High Pulley with multi grip lat bar - Specialise your back workout by using a variety of hand positions on the multi grip lat bar
Low Pulley - Use the low pulley for a variety of exercises including curls and rows
Safety Shield - Ensures safe travel of weight stack
Adjustable Seat and Preacher Pad - Ensures a comfortable workout position
Ankle Strap - To help you to get the most of the pulleys
Weight Stack: 85kg (187.4lbs)
Max Weight High Pulley: 102kg (224.8lbs)

Max Weight Butterfly: 40kg (88.2lbs)
Max Weight Arm Press: 120kg (264.5lbs)
Max Weight Low Pulley: 110kg (242.5lbs)
Dimensions Assembled: Length=200cm (78.7”), Width=110cm (43.3”), Height=210cm (82.7”)
Product Weight: 150kg (330.7lbs)
Max User Weight: 135kg (297.6lbs)


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